Dimensional Control

Highland brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in Engineering Surveying specialising in dimensional verification of Drilling Structures & associated equipment. 


Whether it's a Dynamic, Bottleneck or Static Derrick, a folding or telescopic Mast or a Ram Rig Tower, our Surveyors have vast knowledge and experience working hand in hand with fabricators to ensure that the completed bolted or welded structure is delivered within our client’s specification and required tolerances. 

Load Path, Compensation, Rail & Rack Pipe Handling Equipment on fully automated Rigs are without doubt totally dependent on accurate alignment surveys to ensure correct day to day function and increased life cycle. Highland have experience aligning all equipment regardless of manufacturer. 


Latest News

date: 2019-04-26 13:05:52

Brand New SIS Department

Highland OS Group is proud to announce that it has invested heavily in creating a ‘Specialist Inspection Solutions’ capability, that aims to deliver innovative, proactive inspection solutions to operators and their assets where challenges exist.   As demand increases for reduced downtime and increased plant availability, the application of specialised inspection techniques beco...

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date: 2019-04-26 12:25:08

Specialist Inspection Solutions

As demand increases for reduced downtime and increased plant availability, the application of specialised inspection techniques becomes an integral part of the process in assisting and integrity-based decision making.    Providing additional inspection accuracy and reliability reduces operational risks and downtime, and delivering added value to business operations.  These ap...

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